October 2015 Published Videos Update

Every month I post a list of the videos I published and will share my motivation/inspiration behind each video.   

Taylor’d Photography

I use this YouTube channel for professional projects using professional DSLR cameras.

Ben & Dom Found Each Other

This is a sneak peek preview of Ben and Dom's Wedding. Educators in Philadelphia, their friends couldn’t say enough about them at their wedding. I think you can tell why from hearing parts of their vows in this video, which they wrote themselves. Ben and Dom’s relationship started over cake at a celebration at work. Or an argument over who should take it home rather. They weren’t fighting for the cake mind you, but insisting the other should take it so it wouldn’t go to waste (there was a lot left over). Since words weren’t enough to settle the decision, Ben left it on Dom’s car. I can only imagine the face he made after he stepped on a piece of it coming home one day. Thus began a beautiful thing. They couldn’t get enough of each other, and the rest is history. I had a great time making videos with these two lovebirds and I love their story. If I were to name their story, I would call it “The Wedding Cake”. An argument over cake, with a stranger, a co-worker, someone who is also interested in making fun memories any moment of the day, is how love works. You might think what a small thing, a small talking point, or silly joke to blow out of proportion, but they proved by marrying each other, nothing not even cake, is too small to create love out of thin air.