Elise Taylor

Photographer, CEO, Girl Boss

Elise Taylor earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography from New Mexico State University. While completing her BFA she was mentored by Guggenheim fellow David Taylor. Her thesis work “About Remembering” appeared on exhibit at the Las Cruces Art Museum. Taylor's work has been featured on Beyond the Wanderlust blog and has been published in the Wedding Connection magazine and the Las Cruces Bulletin’s 2015 wedding guide. Taylor has published books containing her work such as “The First Year” and “In Transit”. Taylor’s personal work focuses on the ongoing struggle of our lives – remembering. This focus influences her portrait commissions and wedding work and she is highly committed to helping her clients preserve and protect the greatest moments of their lives. When she isn't saving the world’s memories, she is creating her own with her two adventurous daughters and husband. 

Nate Taylor - Taylor'd Photography

Nate Taylor

Photographer, Lead Videographer, Lovely Assistant

While I worked 50-60 hour weeks with a 10 hour commute on top as a public accountant, my family grew closer without me ever being there.  I would kiss them goodbye in the morning and kiss them goodnight while they were sleeping, and that was during a good week. Other weeks I would be out of town until the weekend. I felt like my little girls were growing up without me, and I didn’t really know them anymore. I bought a point and shoot camera, and made short home videos with them so that we could still see each other during the week. Some would be short stories with morals, others were just fun moments we want to remember. To this day, Melody and Skye sit on my lap at the computer and all three of us watch all of the videos still posted on our Youtube channel, Melody’s Dad Videos. The ability to sit and remember small moments is one of my favorite activities to do with my kids. This cherished opportunity to remember and relive an experience, a time that otherwise would be forgotten and replaced with other memories, is the very reason I now help families create storytelling films.