My four year old and I are snuggled up together on the couch. “Mom, is that me?” she asks as she points to her baby portrait on the wall. She knows full well that’s her, coyly smiling back at us from the living room wall. But I indulge her anyway, I know where this is going. “Yes, that is you! You were such a quiet and calm baby, always content to observe the world around you.” She smiles at me and says, “Tell me more about when I was a baby”.


"Truth is, if you'd like to capture something in your life and have it preserved beautifully and on high quality physical materials, I haven't met any better." ~Sterling

Newborn Photography

Maternity Portraits

Birth Photography


Maternity & Newborn Photography sessions $149

Included with every newborn session is your choice of a maternity photo session or Fresh 48 session at the hospital after baby is born. Plan on up to 2 hours of photography time in your home with brand new baby and family. Session fees include the artist’s time to plan and photograph your session; they do not include any prints and digital images.

After the session, Elise will meet with you for an image reveal and ordering appointment. This is when you will be able to view your images and decide what you would like to order. You may choose from heirloom quality photo albums, custom framed wall art, luxurious canvases, and digital options. There is no obligation or minimum purchase requirement or one size fits all print package; you only buy what you love!

Maternity and Newborn Consultation

Let's meet up and talk about your vision for your photographs. I will answer all of your questions and we can start planning your portrait session. Once we’ve met and you are super excited to create artwork together, booking your newborn session is simple. A signed contract and a $50 non-refundable deposit is all it takes to schedule your session date. Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

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