August 2015 Published Videos Update

Every month I post a list with links of the videos I published and share my motivation/inspiration behind each video. 

Taylor'd Photography

I use this YouTube channel for professional projects using professional DSLR cameras.

Engagement Slideshow: Ben & Dom

This is a slideshow Elise and I made for a couple of lovebirds this last month. This is a combination of still photos with a few short video clips. For certain Photography and Videography combination packages, I tag along for the engagement shoot. Although, we like to think of engagement sessions as more of a date night rather than a photoshoot. And what more of a romantic setting can you get besides the Whites Sands National Monument at sunset. I couldn’t resist filming the symbolism as the sun goes down representing the end of “I” in their relationship as two single strangers in love, and the sun will soon come up representing the beginning of “we” for the rest of their happily married lives. Of course, only one half is recorded and shown in the slideshow. I am excited to film the other half in a month.         

Melody's Dad Videos

 I use this channel as an outlet for my personal videos using point and shoot cameras (even my cell phone)

The Last Nap and S6 SloMo Video 

This video was just a tribute to my late phone, my Samsung Galaxy S6 which drowned in a swimming pool last month. The last video I shot on it, all shot at 60 FPS (frames per second). I wanted to see how a cell phone could handle slow motion. So in the video I was going to Melody’s room to borrow pennies during her nap time, but she was awake and goofing off. She has reached the age where naps are out of the question. Realizing that, I borrowed the pennies from her and went to the desert. I set the phone a few inches away from a few pennies, and shot the pennies with gun. In post-production I slowed the footage way down, and reversed it a couple of times as well. Needless to say, 60 FPS is not fast enough to catch a bullet, but from a nerd’s perspective, the footage still looked pretty cool.

Melody’s First VLOG 

This video was entirely shot by Melody. I made the video using my favorite clips. I want to clarify one of the videos she made that I used several clips from. She had a ten minute rant that started with the words: "My Dad is really scary, I don't like him". Then she proceeds to talk about people turning into monsters. Let me clarify and alleviate some of the many horrible thoughts you had about me when you saw that clip by telling you the back story. That afternoon, while Skye was taking a nap, Melody and I perused Netflix for a movie to watch. We came across one that sounded pretty exciting and had a kid friendly rating. It was called Spy Kids 1. Melody and I were getting pretty far into the movie when Skye woke up. I went and changed Skye's diaper and we were leaving her room when Melody comes running up saying "I don't like that movie, it’s scary". She then went into her room and apparently recorded this video. That night while the kids were in bed, I told Elise what happened and how I had to see the rest of the movie, 1 to see what scared her so much, and 2 to let her know it had a happy ending. It turns out, that in the movie the Dad of the "Spy Kids" gets turned into a monster by the evil villain. Less than 5 minutes later in the movie, the Dad gets turned back into a human, but Melody didn't make it that far. Moral of the story, if everyone gets turned into monsters, Melody wouldn't like it.

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