Recent Happenings

Here's a brief snippet of some fun things that happened over the last two months.

Cima Women's Healthcare

Earlier this month, Nate and I hung 8 black and white canvases in the new Cima Women's Healthcare office. The new office had no decor and the canvases now make the office so much more inviting. I collaborated with Dr. Hice-Garza and Dr. Crawford in selecting images that portrayed the many stages of womanhood that they care for. We selected images of mothers and daughters, babies and pregnant bellies, and happy families. We decided on a calming black and white image for each of the exam rooms and color images for the halls and lobby. The metallic canvases have just enough of a pearl finish to really stand out. This is how images were meant to live -- printed flawlessly and on the wall for enjoyment. I am so happy to have my artwork displayed throughout their office. You might want to stop by to check it out!



The Las Cruces Bulletin's Perfect Southwest Weddings Guide

Guess who is on the cover of the 2015 edition of The Bulletin's Perfect Southwest Weddings guide? Gabe and Vanessa! Flip through the issue and you will find several other Taylor'd Photography couples featured. Oscar and Rebecca, Koriel and Katelyn, Ivan and Laura, James and Erin, Travis and Kati, Joseph and Justina, Andrew and Cassandra, and Kevin and Diana can all be found in this special publication from the Bulletin.


David Salcido interviewed me and asked for my thoughts on the importance of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding. Here's one of my quotes from the article that sums up pretty much my whole philosophy behind wedding photography, "The cake will be eaten and forgotten. The flowers will die and be thrown away. The only thing that you will have after your wedding -- to remember it, to share with your children and grandchildren -- are your photos. That should be a priority and you wouldn't trust that to just anybody."

Besides the quality of images a professional photographer will create, another major advantage of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding are the photo products available to you through your photographer. As a consumer you have access to only a limited number of "consumer grade" products. It may be quick and easy to order a photo book from Shutterfly but it will never compare to the quality and longevity of a hand crafted professional album. I love seeing clients at my wedding consultations get giddy with excitement as they flip through the albums I offer and start to dream up what their wedding will look like on the pages of their own album. There really is no comparison to anything else available to nonprofessionals. I want my clients to cherish their wedding memories and the best way to do that is to print them artfully and not simply leave my care with JUST a USB of digital images.

You can read the whole article and flip through The Bulletin's wedding guide here.