May 2015 Published Videos Update

Every month I will post a list of the videos I published and will share my motivation/inspiration behind each video. This month I am including April since we transitioned from our blog to a monthly newsletter. 

Taylor'd Photography 

I use this YouTube channel for professional projects using professional DSLR cameras (mostly). 

Show your story through storytelling photography and videography

This promotional video is meant to stress the importance of capturing small moments. The most monumental moments in our lives happen in one quick instant and then fade as more time passes between us and that moment. I had many of these moments as I met and got to know my wife. From meeting her in her sexy long legs tube socks while playing ultimate Frisbee, to cooking chicken fettuccini alfredo for her on Valentine’s day, to helping her study for an exam she would miss since I distracted her with a tennis match. These moments were the stepping stones of our relationship, they developed our friendship, cumulated my love, and are responsible for the best decision I ever made; marrying my best friend.

Someday…Baby Birth Announcement: Anders

Anders is my new nephew. My brother James, has always been there for me; he comforted me when I was alone, he was my friend when it was hard to be, he was a role model and scholar, and he was even homecoming king. Based on how great of a brother he is to me, I can’t imagine how great of a father he will be. My inspiration for this video came 100% from Melody. I never understood how much my parents loved me until I had her. Not that I don’t love Skye the same, it’s just I had this epiphany when Melody was given to me. As parent, I am just clueless, and near reckless with my love for my kids. How do you explain this to your kids? I don’t think I can so the words in this video explain it all.

Melody's Dad Videos

I use this channel as an outlet for my personal videos. All videos are shot with a point and shoot camera (except for 2).

Promo Vlog

This vlog video was during the three days we filmed the promotional video and hopefully helps my friends and family understand that making a short film is a lot of work. The funny thing is that this video is just behind the scenes for the filming process. It doesn’t cover the week of post editing, the planning, finding the right music and obtaining a use license. Basically, it takes a crazy amount of time to make a video from scratch.

How to Stop Wind Noise on Video Cameras for $2

There are outdoor scenes in the Promo Vlog video that had tons of wind noise, which I find pretty annoying. So I decided to make a “deadcat” windscreen for my point and shoot camera (Canon S-110), and make a short video out of it since I figured this is a common problem. Turns out I was right. This video set records for me, it received 10,000 views in one day, and had over 15,000 views in one week. I was ecstatic to learn that PetaPixel also published a blog post about it. You can check out that blog post linked here.

Making a Leather Hand Strap for DSLR Camera

This video stemmed from my frustration with monopod screws. I had a nice write up here of my motivation in making this video but then decided to remove it and just provide you a link to the guest blog post that includes pictures that are not in the video as well as a description of how to make the strap yourself. Check it out here


I publish videos regularly to both YouTube Channels (Taylor'd Photography and Melody's Dad Videos). Please subscribe, comment, and share both.