June 2015 Published Videos Update

Every month I post a list of the videos I published and share my motivation/inspiration behind each video. 

Taylor'd Photography

I use this YouTube channel for professional projects using professional DSLR cameras (mostly). 

Adrian & Justine

Lovebirds. My favorite people to work with. I wanted to tell the story of how they overcame opposition together, how they made the best of bad situations, and how they have decided to continue choosing to be happy together. They tell their story so well, I decided to let them tell it themselves. I just tried my best to get out of the way with this one.

Melody's Dad Videos

I use this channel as an outlet for my personal videos. All videos are shot with point and shoot cameras to show you can make good videos without having great equipment.

Father’s Day Week Vlogs

During the week of Father’s day I made 6 Vlogs with my kids. From going to the mall, working in a lettuce greenhouse, testing out the video camera on a new cell phone, taking family pictures, going to the pool, to doing a service project. All kids have so much personality, I am glad I have my little girls to entertain me and keep me on my toes. We had a fun week and have the Vlogs to help us remember. These are the type of home videos I wish I had growing up. I know my kids will enjoy them as much as I do.  

The last Vlog, Maddy’s Mighty Minions, was played on the German RTL (basically the ABC of Germany) TV Show Best of. I was contacted and asked if they could use it which in full support to the family of #MaddyTheMighty I undoubtedly said yes.  

Why I hate Chik-fil-A

My favorite fast food restaurant by a landslide is Chik-fil-A. But how do you convince your five year-old to go to one fast food place over another when it doesn’t have a playground? When I was working for KPMG, I bumped into a Chik-fil-A big wig in Houston, TX. I asked him when they were going to open up another location in Las Cruces with a playground and a drive through, to which he stared up at the ceiling a moment and replied, we just opened one off of Mesa. I quickly shot back saying “yeah, that’s in El Paso, and is an hour away”. Needless to say, we are not getting another one in Las Cruces anytime soon. I should thank them for that really, they are saving me a bunch of money by not providing an easy air-conditioned option for our afternoons.

How to tie a tie (simple double Windsor mirror follow along)

There comes a time in every guy’s life when you have to tie a tie. Surprisingly, I know people that hadn’t ever needed to know how to tie a tie until they were interviewing out of college. This video I made simply to help those in the situation of needing to learn how to tie a tie. If it were me, I would want to lean my phone against a mirror and play a video where I could pause and play as needed every step of the way until I ended up with the knot in my tie I needed. This video does just that. It shows the exact same mirror image you would see and doesn’t show more or less than what someone would need to follow along the steps. There are plenty of similar type videos on YouTube, but I wanted to provide a short 1 minute video for those out there that learn like I do, by doing.

Are Pelican cases watertight?

I made this for my fellow photographers. Elise and I bought a Pelican case a while back to easily transport some of our photography equipment around in without it getting damaged in transit. When we purchased the case I remember reading somewhere that the case was waterproof and would float. My thought was as soon as it was summer, I was going to verify that in a pool for myself. The family and I took the case for a swim and made a quick video to show the results.

This video was featured in a PetaPixel blog post written by Michael Zhang.

Art projects for kids: Custom wall art

Melody draws all the time. She is great at it. Always wanting to support her at anything she is interested in I suggested to her she cover an open wall in her room with art she makes. We bought some canvases and let her go to town. I made this video to help other parents out there who are getting desperate for activities for their kids this summer.  

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