April and May 2015 Image Round Up

As a part of our monthly newsletter I will be posting my favorite images from the month's sessions. Here goes!


This is my favorite image from this newborn-ish session (he was about a month old). I normally favor simple blankets and props for newborn sessions but I enjoy how the pattern of his quilt mimics his playful expression quite nicely in this image.



The best family photos show off the interactions and relationship of the family. That's exactly what this photograph depicts.



Besides the adorable expression on mom's face, I love how the backlighting is highlighting the subjects' forms in this image. The bokeh of the tree in the background is pretty dreamy too.



When I work with a family with young children I am always happy with an image that captures both children looking at the camera, at the same time. Yes! I love this photograph even more for the sweet moment between mom and dad.



It isn't often I get to pose my engaged couples on a log over a roaring river, well, roaring for New Mexico standards. I love the beautiful evening light through the trees, the sweet interaction between Justine and Adrian, and the fact that no one fell in the water in the making of this photograph.



I checked something off my photography bucket list this month. Birth photography. The whole experience was amazing. Rather than merely documenting the birth I was able to create storytelling images like this one.



Sometimes a photograph can captivate the viewer simply by not revealing an expected detail. In this photo I purposefully cropped the eyes out of the frame to draw attention to and accentuate her lips.



In this image I used the design element of line to guide the viewer's eye to the subject. I love the dramatic lighting of "golden hour" which is when this photograph was made.



One rule of composition is to not center subjects in the frame. Sometimes it is okay to break this rule in unique ways. In this photo I centered Debbie's engagement ring to be the focus of the image. The composition remains dynamic with the lines of Debbie and Zack's bodies pushing out of the frame.