Sentimental Art

Our memories are pieced together with photographs. Kind of like a quilt. A small moment we remember is echoed in the photographs we hold in our hands. The lace detail of your grandmother's wedding veil. A silly smile shared between brother and sister. How your daughter looked after losing her first tooth. These are the sentimental memories that are worth framing. 

The trouble with memories is they are fleeting things. Sometimes they become difficult to pin down. Our photographs anchor our memories in our minds. Watching my grandmother slip into dementia has lead me to think about my own memories and their inevitable expiration date. I have decided to save my memories with photographs. I know it may be grim to think about, but when I slip away from this Earth I want my children to sit together and enjoy the photographs from our life together. Not flip through a Facebook album. Instead, to hold and touch tangible items.

When Nate started his big accounting job I knew it would mean long hours apart, longer than we had ever done before. We kind of love each other - a lot - so I was worried how the job would affect our family. As a gift I printed a photograph of Nate and Melody for him to keep at work. I had forgotten about the print until Nate brought it home with him after saying goodbye to the long hours of a public accountant. He told me that on some days, the really rough days, that print sitting on his desk was the encouragement he needed to continue on. That print was sentimental to Nate because it reminded him of his purpose. 

All of these thoughts and experiences have led to making a few changes in our photography business. We are happy to now offer artful photo products to our clients. We have selected items that will stand the test of time so that photographs, and memories, can be passed on to new generations. We believe in sustainability, which is why our photo products are not only of the highest professional quality but are also made from natural and green materials. 

I hope you will stop and take a quiet moment to think on how you are preserving your memories. Do not leave them sitting on a hard drive. Bring them into your home through sentimental art.


In memory of Greatpa Bill. December 18 1919 - June 18 2015.