July 2015 Published Videos Update

Every month I post a list of the videos I published and share my motivation/inspiration behind each video. 

Taylor'd Photography

 I use this YouTube channel for professional projects using professional DSLR cameras (mostly).

Sonoma Ranch Life Magazine B2B Mixer

This video showcased Liz Hamm’s ribbon cutting for N2 Publishing. Intended from the get go to be a Facebook video, I made this short video with the objective of showing people how great her events are. The venue was one of the many great model rooms at the Mesilla Valley Design Center and food was provided by El Luchador food truck. Liz publishes a monthly magazine called Sonoma Ranch Life, which features Sonoma Ranch residents and businesses from all over Las Cruces.  If you haven’t met Liz Hamm already, check out her magazine’s Facebook page.   

How to Apply a Vinyl Decal by www.SilhouetteStickers.com

This video is one of a few that I am making with an online vinyl company that sells vinyl decals worldwide. This video was shot with the customer in mind, one, to alleviate concerns when making a purchase decision, and two, to teach the customer how to install the end product once they receive it. Now these videos, specifically vinyl application videos, are a dime a dozen. There are so many of them that none of them really stick out. Most consist of a one perspective view of someone rambling while they put a vinyl decal on some surface, whether it be a wall, car, or other random surface. After noting the similarities of the videos already available on the market and collaborating with a representative of the company, I determined we wanted the video to be short (a minute long give or take), provide informative/complete but simple instructions, and most importantly show how easy the product is to use.

I really like how we not only applied a large decal on a bumpy wall (which is hard to do), but had two middle school aged girls apply the vinyl to really show that even in the most difficult circumstances, these vinyl decals aren’t that difficult to apply.

Melody's Dad Videos

 I use this channel as an outlet for my personal videos. All videos are shot with point and shoot cameras to show you can make good videos without having great equipment.

Verizon Edge and My New S6 Phone 

Last month I got a new phone for Father’s Day. It was such a big deal to me that I VLOGed the entire week, half of the week with the new phone. The convenience of having a phone that had better video quality then most point and shoot cameras made the phone purchase a life changing event. If you follow my Instagram feed, then you would see that despite my love for the phone, I put it through some abuse that most smartphone owners would never do. For instance, setting it within a foot of a firework, letting my friend ollie over it with his skateboard, shooting a penny inches away from the phone with a 45 caliber hand gun. Now despite my brave ambitions testing out the video quality of the phone, I never anticipated how careless I could have been one hot afternoon a couple weeks ago. I was swimming when I felt something in my pocket, I knew right away what I had done. I had been swimming for 5 to 10 minutes with my phone in my pocket. I tried every trick I could find. I put it in rice, I gave it a bath in alcohol, I even took it apart. I could not blow life back into my poor little friend. Unfortunately, I didn’t get insurance, I always thought it to be somewhat uneconomical. So this video goes through where I went wrong in my contingency planning, or lack thereof really, and gives my hindsight opinion of what I should have done when making my purchase decision. When I bought my phone I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, I just jumped into the purchase as quickly as possible not considering the options available at the time. Hopefully, this video will help anyone who is about to go buy a new phone stop for a moment, breathe, and make a more informed thinking with the future in mind decision. Please note that I take full responsibility for situation, am still with Verizon and am not unhappy with their service whatsoever, and plan on purchasing another Samsung S6 in the near future.

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