About Us

Celebrating Love Since 2009

Some people really hate Valentine’s Day. For me it holds a tender place in my thoughts. Valentine’s Day was the first “legit” date I had with Nate. We can just say his Chicken Alfredo won me over. But that’s not the only reason I don’t cringe when this holiday rolls around. On February 14th in 2009 I photographed my very first wedding. 

I was reflecting back on that time in our lives recently. So much has changed, we have grown so much and in so many ways. I was still in school and had very recently changed my degree from Journalism to Art so I could have the opportunity to take more photography classes. I really had no interest in wedding photography but was willing to give it a try once.

Since that eventful day six years ago I have fallen in love with creating portraits, especially weddings. I have also fallen in love with two munchkins. I guess it is not surprising that my two daughters changed the way I look at life, and love for that matter. Photography isn’t simply about selfishly creating beautiful scenes. It is a tool in our battle, and eventual failure, of remembering. I am deeply humbled to help families and lovers remember moments that would otherwise fade to gray. 

So cheers, to all of my clients, past and present. Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your grandest and simplest moments. The future is full of adventure and I eagerly welcome continual growth and change. 

Here is a behind the scenes video Nate put together to celebrate the sixth anniversary of our business. :)