Business Headshots, We Do Those

We may not advertise it, or really talk about it anywhere on our website, but headshots are as important to small business as is a smile to an introduction, so of course, we have been photographing them. Virtually, your headshot is your business’s first impression, so take a second look at yours to make sure it is the business rep you want standing at the front door.


The way we do business portraits is different, we don’t ask you to come to our space, we go to yours. This is really convenient for an entire staff that could use consistent looking headshots. Rather than everyone in the office having to schedule a time to visit a studio and waste an hour, an employee can walk down the hallway and be done in less than 5 minutes.


So if you have been seeing some business headshots with white backgrounds around Las Cruces, and have been wondering how to go about getting one yourself, contact us. Modernize your profile pictures, update your staff’s photographs so they look consistent, and refresh your business’s virtual first impression.